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current news from the project


European Wind Integration Study published the List of Grid Reinforcement Projects

Brussels, October 28: After successfully completing the project and submitting the EWIS final report to the European Commission, EWIS publishes the List of Grid Reinforcement Projects which are identified and/or confirmed in EWIS project. These projects are provided by EWIS to the ENTSOE-Ten years Network Development Plan (TYNDP) as an important input. The List of Projects can be found in the download section ready for download.


EWIS Concluding Discussion-Event Summary

On the 13th of April at Hotel Silken, Brussels, the European Wind Integration Study launched its final report with a discussion meeting of network and wind generation experts, policy makers and stakeholders. Project consortium leader Mr. Hubert Lemmens and project manager Dr. Wilhelm Winter welcomed approximately 100 participants to the meeting.


EWIS Concluding Discussion-13th April 2010, Brussels, Belgium - presentations available

Please find the presentations of the EWIS Concluding Discussion Workshop held on 13th April 2010 in the download section.


European Wind Integration Study - Press Release

Brussels, April 2: The achievement of Europe’s renewable energy ambitions sets major challenges for the electricity industry including electricity networks. The European Wind Integration Study (EWIS) has been working to make sure Europe’s electricity grids are ready to meet these challenges and now launches its findings and recommendations.


European Wind Integration Study releases its final report

After working intensely for more than two years EWIS is happy to release the final EWIS findings to the community. Standalone Executive Summary is available here..


EWIS Concluding Discussion-13th April 2010, Brussels, Belgium

Participate to the concluding discussion and dissemination event planned on Tuesday April, 13 with representatives of EWEA, EURELECTRIC, the European Commission and ENTSO-E. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion to ensure that the findings are effectively integrated with other policy, planning, technical and commercial developments currently in progress. Please register for the EWIS concluding session to confirm your place.



EWIS Team Meeting-London UK

After rigorously working for more than 2 years on various aspects of the EWIS project, the EWIS team members gathered together to fine tune the EWIS recommendations and gave their feedback for the draft version of the final report in the second EWIS Team Meeting held London, UK hosted by National Grid.


Harmonisation of grid codes - Requirements for wind generators - EWIS Position Paper

The activities of the EWIS project are of further relevance to the grid code harmonisation activities of ENTSO-E. This paper suggests how the EWIS findings might be best directed to supporting these Grid Code harmonisation tasks.


Electricity transmission system operators presented its first view on Offshore-Onshore grid perspectives for 2015 based on the steady state analysis- first results

European Wind Integration Study has presented its first view on Offshore/Onshore Grid perspectives for 2015 time horizon to the EC-working group for offshore/onshore grid development lead by Mr. Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch.