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European Wind Integration Study releases its final report

After working intensely for more than two years EWIS is happy to release the final EWIS findings to the community. Standalone Executive Summary is available here..

Brussels, 2nd April 2010: European Wind Integration Study releases its Final report. For the people who are more interested in the in-depth analyses, please refer EWIS Final report and related appendices..

EWIS Final Report:
EWIS Final Report Appendices:

Please take a note of the EWIS Concluding discussion event planned on 13th April 2010 in Brussels, see Invitation for EWIS Concluding Discussion

The discussion will commence at 2 pm and we hope you will join us for a cocktail at 6 pm. Address of the venue: Hotel Silken, Boulevard Charlemagne 11-19 1000 Brussels. Please register for the event to confirm your place.